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Title: Article current event.

Author: Sue Brennan

           This is an article on postal news where Brennan prepares for the coming Christmas holiday as he tells them how well prepared for the same is the US postal service. All over united state the postal service has gotten into holiday spirit as it holds campaigns on how they are ready to offer their customers a simple way to their holiday through their beautiful services.

            The services that Brennan says they will offer are those that will make their customers enjoy this holiday happily and without any stress because the services are going to be good. Other than the usual services that they have been offering for their customers, Brennan says that they will include several other services which are related to this coming holiday and he believes that their customers are going to enjoy them. These he says are, holiday greeting cards which will be sold fairly, evergreens note cards, ready post holiday mailing boxes and bubble mailers, DVD which are special for the holiday, CD featuring 11 classics for the holidays for known artists such as Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, 2010stanp year book and the postal service guide to us stamps which will be the 13th edition.

            Brennan stresses that the postal service only sustains it self through the sales they make to their customers because it is a self supporting government enterprise. They are never supported by taxpayers. They are able to do this because they are the only delivery service that serving majority and they have several branches all over the United States and their websites are visited frequently. It takes its services to its customers at heart and has been awarded repeatedly for their work.

            During early time, people depended on friends, merchants and Native Americans to pass messages between colonies. In order to handle such issues, in 1639, there was a notice of having postal services. Coffee houses and taverns were used as mail drops. These services were of short duration and only a few people were served. The services have been improving on and on from carrying mails at night by the post riders to day time.

            Postal services have been improving and as seen from this article by Brennan more is awaiting people this season that they can enjoy and make their holiday a success. The postal services are located allover from Anchorage to Ashtabula and Honolulu to Houston and are all showing signs of the season unlike in those old days when the locations were few and were not offering good services as there are today.

This article really deserved to be written to enlighten the people of the united states of the services currently available because the field is growing to be nicer and nicer. People are now able to access these services because it has been made clear what is offered and how good they are.


Brennan S., United state postal services. Retrieved on 10th Nov, 2010 from http://www.usps.com/communications/newsroom/2010/pr10_105.htm. 2010

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