Persuasive Speech on: Spay or Neuter Your Pet.

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To neuter or spay is to surgically remove some parts of the reproductive system of either male or female animal so that it becomes infertile and cannot reproduce. In females, the womb and the ovaries are removed while in males the testicles are removed. A pet is an animal which is domesticated to provide companionship or for amusement purposes.

Spaying of pets is important to pet owners and they should well understand the importance of making this crucial decision. There are very many homeless animals every where who are as a result of our dear pet we are keeping in our homes. Every time they get a chance and mingle with others the results are pregnancies and at last, homeless animals. (University of California School of Veterinary Medicine)
By having our pets spayed we are going to avoid over population because we are going to make them infertile. Spaying is applicable to pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits.
Other than preventing overpopulation of these pets, spaying of rabbits reduces hormone driven behaviors such as mounting, boxing and lunging. In females spaying prevents some cancers such as the ovarian, uterine and the mammary cancers which could occur when these females mature up. (Tierney, R., Partnership for Animal Welfare)
Each year pets die unnecessarily and this can be reduced by spaying them by simply consulting a veterinary doctor who will perform the procedure. General anesthesia is given to the animal so that it does not feel pain. A surgery is then performed on the animal where parts of the reproductive system are removed. In females the ovaries and the uterus are removed while in males both testicles are removed. (The Humane Society of the United States, 2010)

Spaying saves lives and this should be known. Most of pets are at shelters waiting to be picked and have a home. When a few are picked the majority remaining are just euthanized. This is because there are very few willing to adopt these pets in the shelters. When spaying is done there will be fewer pets that will be healthy, loving and so sweet. Pets can be spayed as little as eight weeks and they can stay healthy. Spaying will result in a very happy pet that will live for long. When a female cat for example is on heat, it cries and becomes very nervous but if it is spayed this is automatically eliminated. In dogs, it also reduces the heat cycle messiness. (Plotnick, A, 2006) In male cats and dogs, it reduces some of the sexual behaviors which are not desirable. Pets tend to associate with each other better if they are spayed. (Day, J.W., DVM, 2007)
Spaying males also improves their health by reducing the risks of cancer of the testicles, prostrate gland and even prevents parietal tumors. Overpopulation of these animals affects us greatly. First, a lot of money is spent on taking care of these animals in shelters as they await someone to pick them. Secondly, there are many transmittable diseases and this posses a danger to human life which could occur through animal bits and attacks one could get for example from stray dogs. (Cruden, D. 1992)
Because of their large numbers out there, there is no food to feed them and they may end up destroying properties as they look for food. They also deposit their waste anywhere may it be in the parks or yards fouling them and this may be a serious hazard for the environment. Each and every person should therefore take this responsibility of reducing pets’ overpopulation so as to solve all these problems. Spaying of pets will not affect the training you may want to give to it or its ability to hunt or work. Male dogs will have the urine odor reduced and will reduce aggression towards other dogs. Generally these pets will not make sexual advances towards people or even objects like the unsprayed animals.( ASPCA, 2010).
In conclusion, the following is why you should consider spaying or neutering tour pet.
• Reduce the overpopulation of pets,
• Prevent breast, uterine and ovarian cancers in females,
• Prevent uterine infections in females such as pyometra,
• Prevent testicular and prostrate cancers in males,
• Reduce genito-urinary tract infections which leads to disease of the kidney in males,
• Fight related injuries are reduced by decrease in aggression, anxiety and fighting,
• Lowers undesirable behaviors in both sexes. (Sacramento SPCA, n,d)

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